2015-03-19 The Community Benefits Movement: Fuming Park Clean Up

At the beginning of Oct. 2014, Letter to The Editor of Commercial Times published a letter was called “A Lonely Scenic Area”, saying that the Maxi Tung Blossom Trail of Fumin Water Park was careless, and the entire pathway was covered with weeds.

As having the Operation Concept of “Create Profit with Chastity, Share the bliss”, FU-CHI decided to adopt Fumin Water Park from 1st of Jan. 2015, for a year.

To Benefits Community, on 19th of Mar. 2015, FU-CHI took collective action and volunteered to clean up Fumin Water Park and keep pathway free from litter.

From now, FU-CHI will continue give back to our local communities, provide public service, help community development, and fulfill corporate social responsibility.